Sunday, May 20, 2018

15mm Russian Buildings - The Weekend Challenge.

Having set myself the challenge over the weekend of finishing the Ironclad buildings that have been languishing in the cupboard of shame for a number of years, I am please to confirm mission accomplished....
The pic's are a little iffy as I am trying out a new camera.

A couple of early starts and some warm dry weather have helped to get these complete before the 4.00pm deadline today.
Two rural houses, a storage shed and railway station, together with two oil storage tanks, they will expand the layout quite significantly.  

The railway station fits in nicely with the track which I own from Battlefield in a Box and can also be used for my Boxer Rebellion collection. I opted for an off white which makes it quite generic with any period or setting.

The storage shed and field still need a little work, I need to add the pump arm and am thinking about a couple of dead cows which I have from peter pig somewhere.
I added in a number of lighter tufts on this one compared to the other pieces in particular around the well to give that wet feel.

The farm house is a great casting with a detactable roof to allow you to place that well timed ambush. I decided to add the fencing to create the backyard rather than keep the pieces stand alone, besides I have the MDF bases sitting unused in the draw.
The figures are from Eureka's 15mm modern Russian range.

The second building comes with a decked roof rather than thatch, I add in the brick wall and water through to give it that rural feel, it also gives the defenders something to hide behind. Although not much help from a 125mm gun.

I am really pleased how they have turned out. I plan on adding a garage and forecourt to give me that link between the rural and the urban setting, its a shame fieldworks are no more (Does anyone know if the molds have been picked up by anyone?) as I quite fancied adding a few more bombed out shells to go with the other buildings already painted up.

Right time to go and put these to the test.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Battlefield in a Box Oil Tanks - The weekend challenge.

Having set myself the challenge last weekend to finish the Russian buildings in time for Sunday's game, I managed to get off to a pretty good start, much of the prep has been done over the evenings this week, with filler and sand covering done, which should give me most of today to get the main block painting done on the buildings, leaving tomorrow free for the detail, washes and flocking.

There were a couple of quick wins to be had very early this morning which is The Battlefield in a Box accessories for Team Yankee in the shape of the Oil Storage Tanks.
They are pretty good straight out of the box, but I wanted mine to blend in with the existing terrain so set about basing them up.

On face value there is very little detail on the them when you unbox them, but by adding them to the base a quick wash here and there and a low wall to highlight the true scale they make for quite an imposing piece on the table top.

They need a little extra flocking and the odd bit of battlefield clutter but should be battlefield ready by sunday night.
Great start to a busy day.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Back to the Chechen Wars...

I have not had a chance to give them a run out yet but the read up seems to hit the right note for what I had in mind.

About the game:
Cornered Wolf is a skirmish game aimed at 15mm, 20mm or 28mm miniatures, and aimed at representing the chaos of urban combat with the simplest possible rules.
Uncertain activation, randomly generated forces, deployment that will throw you immediately into chaos, and quick and deadly rules will have you wargaming Chechnya in no time at all. Perfect for playing with younger family members, or for those of you who would prefer to make tactical decisions rather than look up a rule, Cornered Wolf provides everything you need for infantry, weapon teams, vehicles, multi-level buildings and suppression.
These rules cover the basic infantryman armed with AK-47 or AK-74, RPG, SVD sniper rifle or PKM. Weapon Teams like the AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, NSV heavy machine gun, ‘fagot’ anti-tank missile and mortars are also covered.
Rules for vehicles cover the BTR-80, BMP-1 / BMP-2, ZSU-23-4 Shilka, 2K22 Tunguska, T-72 / T-80 and MT-LB.
While the basis of this game is kept simple (No markers or tokens needed!), extended rules are provided for players to introduce more detail. Extended rules allow troops to ride along inside (and on top of) vehicles, while extended wounding rules allow carrying wounded and loading them into vehicles. Evacuating wounded could potentially save you some points with regards to completing your mission objective.
A points system is also provided for those who aren’t too keen on randomly generated forces, although we strongly recommend at least trying the random generation as it makes for very interesting and still quite balanced games.

With a game planned for next Sunday, I have set myself the goal of getting this little lot finished in a week.

The Russian rural buildings are from Ironclad and have been languishing in a box for a couple of years, a couple of farm houses and a railway station which I can use for several projects.
The oil tanks are ready made from the Team Yankee modern range but look pretty naff without some basing and some additional dry brushing.

Whilst much of the fighting was centered on Grozny there are plenty of encounters in the mountains and countryside. The pics below are the sort of feel I am after.

Image result for chechen village

Image result for chechen war village

Let's see how the next week goes..... No pressure.
Gluing them on the MDF bases is the easy part.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Battlegroup Play Test.

Sunday night saw the Wyverns give Battlegroup a run through.
Flicking through the vehicle stats for frontal and side armour took me back to my early days and WRG's 1925 - 1950 rules.

Over the years I have tried most of the rules on the market, Battlegroup- Pz Grenadier, Rapid Fire, Bolt Action, Flames of War and Chain of Command to name but a few none of them have really stuck and all find themselves filed away just in case...

I don't have a large WW2 collection and like to add armour odities here and there. I never liked the mass ranks encouraged by Flames of War so the the attractiveness of Battlegroup is that the game is scalable, enabling you to field a squad, platoon, company or even battalion.

We threw down some terrain and picked 500 points per side.
The rule suppliments are full of variants and upgrades to various formations, from Volkssturm to JSII's.
The order phase allows you to give basic movement and fire orders to resupply or calling in artillery or unpinning units. The better your quality the more additions to 2D6 you get to order each specific unit.
With two actions per turn “Ambush Fire” is particularly useful for slowing the enemies advance.

One of the nice features is the Battlegroup system is the use of “Battle Rating Counters.” At the begining of the game, each side has a “battle rating,” a number which defines your force’s morale. Each time a vehicle is destroyed or infantry squad wiped out you pull a battle rating counter from a bag. You keep this a secret, your opponent can see how many counters you have but has no idea what they are worth.
To rally up to 1D6 units you have to take another chit.
With chits worth between 1 - 5 you never quite know how well each of you are doing. It certainly makes you take a little more care of your armour.

When you army reaches its battle rating, you have lost. 

Some counters instead of a number allow you to call in an airstrike or result in low ammo or a vehicle breakdown which gives you an excuse to bring on supply units that never normally grace the wargames table.

An enjoyable game for a first out with not that much reference to the rule book.
It's driven me to dig out those 15mm Buildings that have sat in the cupboard of shame for a few years so they can't be to bad.

No plans to add to the Late War Collection but I have priced up each of the elements so I can pull together a scratch force with little or no planning.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Ghost Archipelago - Heritor and Storm Warden..

A few hours to quickly push a few figures off the production line.

 These have been knocking around since the Nickstarter several months back. The Heritor will blend in well with the eastern crewmen, whilst I figured the Storm Warden would compliment the Pirate or Royal Navy faction.

Quite the warband now, with the weather finally turned I should be able to get the varnishing done and the final flocking, but these will come in very handy for competing factions.

The Storm Warden is a little on the small side compared to the Black Scorpion Miniature, I considered raising the base a touch but it should not be that much of a problem during game play.

With these complete I now have the perfect excuse to get the next game rolled out.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Hammerhead 2018 - Flash Gordon

Back from Hammerhead what is perhaps the best show on the circuit.
We opted for something a little easier to pick up and play largely due to the boot being filled with stuff for the table sale.
A simple four way fight between Flash, Vultan, Ming and the Aborians....

Having been moved back to the 28th April due to the snow. The show seemed really busy this year. For the first time we moved out of the main hall to the Gamers Lounge across the car park. It did not seem to effect footfall despite having to risk getting a soaking on the way over.
We had the benefit of carpet and proper sitting and a bar...

Cedric Ford Pavilion
The show seems to hold peoples attention for far longer than most shows there was still plenty of activity past 3.00pm, I can only assume this is due to the amount of people that come to play or the chance to win £75 worth of gaming goodies with a raffle ticket issue for every game you play.
Great to see so many kids and families getting involved with gamers engaging with everyone who stopped by.

The game was well recieved by those who took a seat to play, with each session taking no more than 30-40 minutes it was fast and bloody. We were using the playtest version of the Star Eagle rules by Ganesha Games
They are somewhat behind on the launch date as they are releasing their own range of ships but the rules work for any range including Flash Gordon....

The War Rocket ships look great and with the rules having a simple rule mechanism we could rattle through the games pretty quickly holding peoples attention for each outing even when they did not know the rules.

Vultan and his Hawkmen pilots came out on top by the close of play due largely due to 'Rebecca' the fighter ace who beat us all soundly in every game.
Knocking up an impressive 5 kills.

A fun days gaming with plans afoot for next year.
Will Ming be back?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Haiti Insurgent Command

Two posts in two days that's not happened for a while it must be the warm weather.
After several weeks I finally managed to push these off the production line for the Haiti project.

I wanted to create a body of troops that had a hint of military gear about them so they could be mixed with the Freeman forces or Insurgent armies. A number of accounts talk about the slave armies carrying drums and african pipes and being largely unclothed, so these seemed to fit the bill.

The figures are from Foundry's Congo range, with a number of head swaps from Trent Miniatures.
I discarded a couple of the figures who were armed with more modern weapons, but add a tricorn and paint a sash and you have yourself some serious leaders to fight for a free Haiti.
The flags are home made as unsurprisingly no one makes flags for Haiti in 28mm or any scale to be fair.

They mix reasonably well with the existing collection and will be used largely for the slave armies but could mix in with the more uniformed Haitian troops should I need to combine forces to defeat the larger British or French forces available within the club.

Perhaps the new command might be able to secure a victory for the first time.